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work well win is a collaborative work space, designed at every touchpoint for wellness, innovation and productivity. Created for enterprise satellite teams and entrepreneurs our spaces are purpose-built for well-being and productivity.​

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Where wellness is incorporated into every aspect of our workspace​

The Greenwich location offers a variety of work spaces including flexible desks, permanent desks, private offices and or private suites. There are two private office suites available at this location. Each suite can accommodate up to 30 members, provides a private kitchen and is able to be utilized by one-member company, based on availability.​

Private event options are available.​
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Working well to win is our core principle​

7 Wellness Wins

AIR – Our spaces offer ventilation and purification to enhance air quality in accordance with the WELL Building Standards. WATER – We provide water filtration infused with organic fruit. LIGHT - Our spaces offer natural light as we know lighting minimizes disruption to the body’s circadian system to enhance productivity, support good sleep quality and appropriate visual acuity. NOURISHMENT - Healthy snacks are available. We work with purveyors of local farm grown food to offer healthy and seasonal options. FITNESS - We promote the integration of physical activity into everyday life by providing opportunities and support for an active lifestyle. COMFORT - We adapted acoustical, agronomical, thermal (air speed, temperature and dry/moisture) factors to make the work experience a holistic and healthy environment and facilitate productivity, well-being and comfort. MIND – We designed an atmosphere that supports a healthy mental state and yields significant psychological and physical benefits by reducing stress and impacting your mood at work.

Greenwich, CT.​

330 Railroad Ave, Greenwich, CT 06830

Greenwich lies just 40 min north of New York City and is easy to access. It offers a wide array of attractions - from the beautiful waterside views, bustling restaurant scene and energetic atmosphere. Less than 2 blocks from the Greenwich Metro North Train Station and easy access to I-95, exit 3​.